Intentional interference

Over the past few weeks we have been experiencing intentional interference on several of the systems. I am not sure if it is out of jealousy or the person is just a random dick. Should you hear willful interference just ignore it as the perpetrators have been identified, evidence collected and submitted to the FCC for enforcement.

I also wanted to remind people we do not respond to requests to use our system. This is an open system, all users are welcome so feel free to engage the group and introduce your self. Our users are friendly, open to conversation and welcoming of new users. So if you sent an email requesting to use the system don’t be butt hurt if you did not hear back, we never asked you to send a request in the first place. If you plan to continue to use our system please create a profile in the members directory so everybody knows who you are. With that I say enjoy the system, should you have issues please use the contact form on the bottom of the main page.