Please observe the following

  • All user accounts on this site will be verified, you must hold a valid GMRS license for access.
  • Membership limited to the following states: ND, SD, NE, MN, WI, IL,MI, IN, OH
  • Some repeater access information requires approved & verified membership to this site due to malice Jamming.
  • No permission is required to use our repeaters, all we ask is you create a profile on this site so we have a record of users.
  • GMRS is not CB radio, use of CB lingo may cause your permission to be revoked.
  • Should you hear willful interference just ignore it, never engage an illegal station causing issues.
  • Please disable all quick call, fleet sync and roger beeps on our system, to many users its just noise.
  • Emergency traffic always has priority, all stations must break for emergency traffic.
  • If you are able to, please render assistance to any station calling emergency.
  • This is a wide area system, people you hear may be in different states.
  • This GMRS network is owned and operated by the repeater owners, we are not a club.
  • All machines may not be linked at all times, please visit the linking status page and select map.
  • This is a family friendly system, please keep your conversations civil and your content clean.
  • The FCC requires you to ID every 15 min, anymore then this is just annoying.
  • Lots of our users use unit numbers comprised of the last 3 digits of our license.
  • If you own a repeater and wish to join our network fill out a contact form on the main page.
  • We ENCOURAGE you to use part 90/95 certified equipment to protect the integrity of the system and GMRS.


I want to be clear, never show up at a tower site unless you are invited by the owner of said repeater. Commercial tower site owners will have you arrested and will prosecute you. Your poor decision may also endanger the repeater owners agreement with the site owner as has happened in this case. Should you be caught at any of our repeater sites either on camera or by persons, we will prosecute you to the fullest extent allowed by law. If you wish to visit a site you should ASK and if allowed make arrangements with the repeater owner to tag along on his next scheduled visit. Anything less and you will be banned from using any of the repeaters on this network and may get the bonus prize of a criminal trespass citation.